Dr. D. Y. Patil Pratishthan, Akurdi has allotted 50 acres of agricultural land to Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Agriculture Business Management, Akurdi.

1. Kharif Crops in the Crop Museum & in other area (2022-23) :

i) Sorghum ii) Maize iii) Marigold

iv) Pumpkin  v) Ridge gourd vi) Brinjal 

vii) Marigold viii) Coriander ix) Methi

x) Okra

2. Rabi Crops in the Crop Museum & in other area (2021-22) :

a) Standing Crops

i) Cauliflower ii) Cabbage iii) Tomato iv) Broccoli

v) Chili vi) Cucumber vii) CowPea viii) French bean

b) Harvested Crops

i) Muster (Varuna) ii) Gram (Virat) iii) Wheat (NI-W-301)

iv) Rabi Sorghum 

3. Sewage treatment Plant :

Sewage treatment plant is established at Dr. D.Y.Patil Pratishthan, Akurdi campus. The capacity of this plant is 5000 Lit/day. This plant is used for students practical purpose for the course of 1) Farm structure and Green house technology.

4. Agro Meteorology laboratory :

The work of establishment of Agro-met laboratory is under final stage of completion. The following instruments are fixed in the Agro-met laboratory field.


Sr. No.Name of the Equipment/instrumentQuantity
1Sunshine recorder No. 173/031 No.
2Open pan evaporator - Tank No. 177/03 with all accessories1 No.
3Wind-vane with all types of chart1 No.
4Cup counter anemometer1 No.
5Single Stevenson screen1 No.
6Non recording rainguage1 No.
7Self recording rainguage1 No.
8Thermograph1 No.
9Hair hygro graph1 No.
10Maximum Thermometer1 No.
11Minimum Thermometer1 No.
12Dry Bulb Thermometer1 No.
13Wet Bulb Thermometer1 No.



In order to have irregular supply of water to Banana / Vegetable garden and economical use of water, a drip irrigation system is installed with all accessories like electric motor, water filter main and submain lines, dirpers etc. This system is use for teaching to the students of this college.

The model of polyhouse for the cultivation of cut-flowers and vegetables is constructed. This used for teaching production and marketing of vegetables and cut flowers. It is helpful to the students for experiential learning i.e. management, production and marketing of high-tech crops.

System comprising all types irrigation systems i.e. Mini Sprinklers, Micro-sprinklers, Uni-spray, Pop-up, in-line drip irrigation are present. These systems are used in open field and also in shed-net house and polyhouse.




Crop Cafeteria

Drip Irrigation System in College Farm

Polyhouse on College Farm