1. Students interested in availing of the free placement facility need to registe themselves in the      month of August of their VIIth Semester.

2. Students submit to mail/ in person softcopies of their resume (Prepared as per Institutes template) and reprography (Xerox) copies of their certificates and supporting documents while registering.



1. Students are advised to read the announcements made, go through the company website and apply only if interested.

2. List of eligible students will be sent to the respective TPO organizing the Placement Drive.

3. If a student registers him/her for the drive and does not attend the drive for any reason, then s/he should inform the TPO & student coordinator well in advance before the drive or on the same day in –case of emergency. If s/he fails to informhe shall not be eligible for the next ‘one’ Placement drive only.

4. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be disallowed from availing placement facility for the next ‘one’ placement drive.




  • All students are eligible for only ONE pre-placement offer.


  • Student will be allowed to attend the placement drive for more than one company only if he/she has not received any confirmation mail or offer letter.
  • If a student receives more than one offer owing to delays in the announcements of  results by the companies, the student should accept the job offer whose results are  declare first, (if the result is awaited) and if the student is undergoing the selection  process, the student has to accept the offer, made first.
  • Special cases Students can seek permission to attend 


  in previous drives, if he satisfies any 2 of the following criteria:

  • Actively involved in organizing & participating in co & extracurricular & placement activities.
  • Recommendation letter from the Specialization In-charge for a particular sector/company.
  • Throughout all-clear with more than 55% in ABM.


  1. Confirmation to the placement office and later informed to the selected candidate by the firm, will be considered as firm offer.
  2. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to the Placement office.
  3. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions thereon such as submission of documents lies entirely with the student.


   In case, student/s decides not to join the company, they should inform the Placement Office and the reasons.


For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the Placement Office will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions.

E. Disciplinary Process

  • A student will be allowed to be exempted from compulsory attendance for PPT fo a maximum of 2 companies due to genuine reasons*
  • Student will not be allowed to participate in the selection process of the company for which he/she has missed the PPT (Exempting the 2 companies missed due to  genuine reasons).
  • Any sort of misbehavior on the part of students which affects the decorum of the PPT or the selection process or the reputation of the TPO attracts to cancellation the registration from placement cell. The fine may be increased at the discretion of the Placement Office as per the severity of the situation. e.g. - Asking  inappropriate questions during PPT or Interview.
  • Cheating in all forms or marking proxies during the selection process is strictly prohibited and those caught indulging in such activities would lose all their pointsand debarred from the placement process. Also note that no concessions in any form shall be provided in such case.

*Genuine reasons include health problems or other reasons subject to approval of TPO.

F. Placement Grading Test

  The institute conducts Placement Grading test during the VIth semester. The Grading test is conducted on the following topics

1. Current Awareness about Agriculture

2. Group Discussions on current topics related to agriculture

3. Interview Techniques.

At a glance: Students grooming Session

1. English and ways to learn English & English Grammar.

2. Body language

3. Group discussions

4. Leadership skills

5. Preparing for tests and interviews and resume writing

6. Time Management & Discipline

7. Attitude (Positive and Negative) & Team work

8. SWOT – How to analyze oneself, One’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

9. Communication etiquettes

10. Meditation & Concentration

11. Careers and Interview Skills

12. Debate on selected current topics & General Knowledge.

13. Interview preparations and resume writing & writing application

14. FAQs & Subject Notes.